It’s a great feeling to see our plans actually come together. Back in June, when we first thought of the idea of a bone marrow drive, I was unsure whether it would become a reality, knowing we had a very difficult road ahead of us. However, when I saw my whanau come into the Cosmopolitian Club in Gisbourne, I was proud of us for being able to pull this off. I would have never imagined that this is where we would be, that the words bone marrow would become part of my everyday conversation. There’s no doubt that everyone faced with such a testing hand in life contemplates the “whys” in life, the “why us/me” and the “what the purpose?”, most of us will probably spend the rest of our lives trying to figure that one out. But if we have to endure this road, then I choose to be doing this, promoting bone marrow awareness and helping out others where we can. NZ Blood reported 9 new people on the bone marrow list from the Gisborne collection. While 9 may seem a modest number, when translated to 9 potential live saved, 9 becomes a very significant number. Even if it was 1, then it’s one more person than there was yesterday – and that is worth celebrating.

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