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The Dream Chaser inaugural Fun Run was a great success! I must start by thanking everyone who was involved. We had a wonderful support crew of family and friends working endlessly to make the day the success it was. The entries blew us away! We had no idea how many people would take part, but in the end we had over 250 participants which was awesome, we sold a mass of yellow tees which made the event really stand out. You could see a trail of yellowness around the lake which is what we had hoped for. To see so many people out to support our boy’s charity was quite a surreal experience. Especially seeing all the children wearing Dream Chaser tees which were designed around Chace’s favourite Huffer tee. It was so relieving to see all our plans come together, there were a few issues where we ran out of stuff but all in all, we think it was an enjoyable day. Until now, the Charity  has  been run through our Face Book page and website, I am able to see how many supporters we have from all over NZ and the world, however its always at a distance. To have an event and to see such a big group of people supporting us and our goals makes it all worthwhile.

The highlight for me personally was to see so much interest in the bone marrow stand. We had Sue Nixon from NZ Blood who was kept very busy chatting to people, answering their questions and writing their names on the list. We had a total of 14 people sign up to be contacted about becoming a bone marrow donor.

People are really getting in behind the cause which is so heart warming. There is no doubt that this event will be a regular on the Dream Chaser calendar. Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who took part, from the families who entered to the cake bakers and sponsors, what a great first Dream Chaser event!

The Dream Chaser Crew

and they’re off!

Chace supporters – His favorite teacher from Campus Creche on the left

A little Dream Chaser with his digger

A sea of “Lello”

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