In the nick of time, we managed to secure a spot at the Ngati Awa Festival 2012. We were all pretty nervous as it was the first time we would be on ‘show’ to the world as the Dream Chaser Foundation. Luckily we had Chace’s poppa, nan and nanny there to help us. It was a more difficult day for me than I had anticipated, it just highlighted why were even here in the first place, it was tough to talk about the importance of bone marrow donors because we had to acknowledge that our boy didn’t find one – which hits like a tonne of bricks every time. We had a powerpoint presentation showing baby’s journey, the highs, the lows – the mixed emotional journey of child cancer. It drew a lot of attention, many people know Chace back home in Whakatane, it’s where we are from, its his roots, so it was nice to hear “oh your Chace’s parents?” from local supporters. The point of the day was to spread the bone marrow message and I feel proud to announce that by the end of the day we had 43 people names of NZ Blood list agreeing to be contacted about becoming a bone marrow donor. Although it was a tough day, seeing so much interest, answering lots of questions really made it worthwhile. A huge thank you to those who popped by our tent, said hi, and signed up. It’s the first step to becoming a potential life saver!

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