What an action packed night! Massive thanks to Brad Kora and the team at MMA Whakatane for inviting us to be part of their very successful fight night. With an impressive line up of competitors from all over NZ, it drew a great crowd. The Dream Chaser Foundation were stoked to be able to use this platform to promote our  Bone Marrow message. While it was a bit daunting entering the cage to address the crowd, we knew that we are engaged in our  own fight, THE FIGHT FOR LIFE – that is what bone marrow does, it gives cancer patients a fighting chance at beating the disease, so no matter the nerves, we knew we had to face the crowd and do our Dream Chaser thing!

We were warmly welcomed, as we knew we would have been. Whakatane is our home crowd so many people already knew why we were there. To receive applause from the crowd when we mentioned the number of people we have encouraged to register their interest in becoming a bone marrow donor was a defining moment indeed. It made us feel that the hard work is paying off.

So another awesome event supporting the Dream Chaser Foundation – thank you so much to Brad and MMA Whakatane – see you  all next fight night!

Check out our interview with Maori TV – Sunday 07 April 2013 – Te Kaea (skip to 13:50)


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