Sunshine week was a great success! It all came together wonderfully thanks to all our Dream Chaser supporters. Admittedly, it was tough on Ryan and me emotionally, we anticipated that it would be, but we also knew it would be quite therapeutic for us as well. It was an absolute joy to be able to meet some of the children and families on the ward, and to drop off a little bit of sunshine. Thanks to the massive efforts by the Warehouse Whakatane, our present stock grew like crazy which meant that every child on the ward was able to receive a present. We were even able to extend this to our Dream Chaser Families (those families who have registered with us). So it made for a bigger and better “present drop” than we had imagined.
The dates were very significant to us, we wanted to draw attention to our bone marrow campaign in a subtle way, in amongst all the fun activities, so we scheduled Sunshine Week around the anniversary of Chace’s Stem Cell Transplant day. Part of this was dedicating Monday as “Nurse Appreciation Day”, our way of saying thank you for looking after our babies as they receive treatment. Bone marrow transplants, while relatively straight forward for the donor, can be very rough on the recipient so this is a particularly difficult time for a child and their families, nurses play a central role as carer and friend during these recovery phases.
We also spent part of this day touring NZ Blood Headquarters, and received the necessary training to become bone marrow recruiters! This is a big deal for us, in addition to promoting bone marrow donation at our Dream Chaser events, we can now tag along to mobile blood collection days and officially recruit donors on the spot too!
In summery, Sunshine Week was a week full of “lello-ness”, smiles and cheer. It couldn’t have been possible without the following support:
Dream Chaser Supporters and Volunteers- It’s everyone’s collective support that makes if possible for us to host such events. Thank you to all the people who donated toys, sunshine letters and goods. They all found very deserving homes. Thank you to those who donated money, visited Z, and offered kind words of support. And to our wonderful Dream Chaser Crew of family members and friends, thank you once again for making our baby’s charity the success that it is. It all came together perfectly because of everyone’s help.

[mls_h4]Z Bay of Plenty[/mls_h4]
An incredible effort! By donating 50 cents per coffee sold during sunshine week and on-going promotion, they raised over $10,000 – an outstanding effort, we are so grateful for your on-going support.

[mls_h4]Z Waikato[/mls_h4]

In store promotion of Sunshine Week helped us spread the word about the Dream Chaser Foundation. They also donated 50 cents per cup of coffee sold and raised $1065. Thanks guys for getting on board with Sunshine week.

[mls_h4]The Warehouse Whakatane[/mls_h4]

Thanks to their fundraising efforts, not only did we receive a $1000 cheque but also an impressive amount of extra toys to give out to the children, they were so greatly appreciated.
[mls_h4]Tip Top[/mls_h4]

Tip Top kindly donated all our ice-cream for our “Pizza and Ice-cream Fiesta” at Ronald Mc Donald. Thank you very much for your support.
[mls_h4]Pizza Hut[/mls_h4]

Thank you for offering a competitive quote on our large pizza order and for including delivery as well, it was a big help.
Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre – The power of music, song and dance was demonstrated through this wonderful service, thank you for hosting a fantastic and fun session for the children.

[mls_h4]Cornflake’s Magic World[/mls_h4]

Shout out to Popcorn the clown, you brought many smiles and wonderful outbursts of laughter to Ronald Mc Donald House, a real treat for the children! Highly recommended.


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