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[mls_mark]Chace’em Up the Mount 2014 – Important message. Out of respect to the whanau of little Jack Dixon and the incredibly sad incident at the Mount, we have decided to postpone the “Chace’em Up the Mount” to Saturday December 13th. We have been in contact with a family representative regarding our suggestion to move the date till further in the year. She responded very kindly and insisted that the family supported us going ahead with whatever date we decided on. We send our most heartfelt condolences to them at an incredibly difficult time, our hearts are always heavy when we hear of a family who is facing such heartache. We hope that our supporters, teams and spectators will still join us for this event on Saturday 13th December. The Dream Chaser Foundation will also be donating a koha to the Dixon whanau from this event.[/mls_mark]

Hi All, looking for a way to get in shape for summer?  then we have the perfect excuse for you and 3 mates to do just that. Rally a group of mates together, strap on your running shoes and start hitting the pavement in support of the Dream Chaser Foundation. We are currently looking for teams of 4 to enter into our second Chace’em up the Mount relay race. Basically we start off at the base of Mt Maunganui out the front of the surf lifesaving club where the first runners from each team then race up the hill to the top where there is a person waiting for you with water if you need it,1240206_552779328110625_1361398972_n you then head back down the way you ran up the hill and tag the next runner who will do the same. This will be a timed event so the team that completes this challenge the fastest, will return home with the “Fastest team” trophy to hold onto for the next year.

[mls_mark]3 trophies up for grabs[/mls_mark]

Best Support Crew

Fastest Team

Fundraising Legends

[mls_h4]Best support crew[/mls_h4]

Come down with your mates and dress up in anything yellow and really show your guys support of your team taking part in this challenge and the team with the biggest, best dressed, loudest will take this trophy home for the year 🙂

[mls_h4]Fastest Team[/mls_h4]

I think the title says it all. The fastest team on the day takes this trophy

[mls_h4]Fundraising Legends[/mls_h4]

This is where team work becomes a big part of it. You will need to come together and make a plan to get as much sponsorship as you can for taking part in this competition, there are MANY ways you can do this, for example :

  • Sausage Sizzles
  • asking your work mates and colleges to sponsor the team, maybe $5 a runner to run up and down the hill??
  • work place mufty days
  • bake stalls
  • car wash days
  • hit you boss up for sponsorship 🙂
  • door knocking and asking for donations
  • busking

the list can go on and on, and we would love to hear how you raised your money and if you have pics we would love to see those too. You can also set up and account on fundraiseonline  or givealittle, that way you can ask your friends and family on Facebook from all over the world to support you and the Dream Chaser Foundation.   Your team can be made up of friends, family, work mates, sports team or what ever you like. If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in follow these steps to register your team 🙂

  • suss out your 4 team members
  • think of a cool name for your team
  • register your team by emailing
  • pay your registration fee of $10 per person or $40 a team

then start fundraising 🙂 and training We would love to see you all down there supporting the runners as you all know it’s not an easy run up and down the Mount so the more support the better the participants will do !!

We also have a Facebook page set up if you would like to join the page and post your achievements and progress


[mls_mark]SEE YOU ALL THERE[/mls_mark]

[mls_h1]Sunday November 9th, 10am[/mls_h1]


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