Welcome to the Dream Chaser Foundation.

This Charity is set up in the loving memory of our little boy Chace Eriki Topperwien who passed away from Accute Myloid Leukemia on the 15 June 2012. He was the most wonderful, loving, cheeky and caring little guy and in his 3 years he touched many people. While we miss him every second of every day we are very proud that he has given us the strength to establish this child cancer charity. Our whanau has been very blessed to receive so much support that we wanted to be able to help other children and families who are facing childhood cancer.
The Journey can be very stressful, financially straining and present some real challenges for families as they adjust to the sudden changes in their lives. We know first-hand what a roller coaster it can be and feel we are well placed to offer practical, emotional and financial services that families really need. We take a grass roots, parent led and family focused approach to running the Charity and give our projects 100%. Chace taught us many things in his three years, not giving up when times get tough was one of the most valuable – we have taken this lesson and ensure that we approach families with care, respect and integrity. It is an absolute privilege to be involved with the children and their families and we know our boy is proud of us for turning our heartache into a positive pathway forward by helping others.

We thank you for your support, by working together, we will not only follow our dreams, we will CHACE them!


Ryan, Keri and our angel CEO Chace