Approximately 3 children a week are diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand.These alarming statistics mean that there are many families who face a very difficult battle and an uncertain future. Along with the emotional and physical toll of having a child with cancer, financial strain can be very stressful for parents also.

 We were very lucky to receive so much support during our journey that is important for us to help other families who have a child with cancer.  We know that living with childhood cancer often involves some major adjustments to family life and it can be a worrying and difficult time.

There are four main ways that the Dream Chaser Foundation helps support families:

» Petrol and groceries vouchers
» Birthday gifts for children who are in Starship Children’s Hospital on their birthday
» Family getaway packages at various New Zealand locations
» Provide a donation/koha towards funeral/tangi costs

Our birthday celebrations

Chace spent two of this three birthdays in Hospital, while it was difficult to have our little active boy cooped up, unable to go outside, we made the best out of a difficult situation. He had all his family around and we just adjusted our celebrations. The playroom at Starship Children’s’ Hospital provided us with a space that we could host a little party where other children could join in too. We attended a few different parties during our stay at Starship. As long as kids have their loved ones around to laugh, celebrate and be silly, they seem to manage just fine, our little man certainly did.


VIP treatment at events

We work hard behind the scenes organising cool events for our Dream Chaser Families to be able to get behind the scenes and up close and personal where ever possible.

no writing

We like to spread sunshine where ever we can so this is a sun made up with over 70  $100 Z petrol vouchers


Chace’s third birthday. Goodies, ward friends and even a local clown.


Travis Pastrana’s day was made he got to meet our super star Joshua.


 “What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
A.A. Milne  

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