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  • Dream Chaser Family Registration:

    The Dream Chaser Foundation provides support to children and their families facing childhood cancer in Aotearoa. We know that living with childhood cancer often involves some major adjustments to family life and it can be a worrying and difficult time. Along with the emotional and physical toll, financial strain can be very stressful for parents. There are some fantastic support services already helping families and we are very happy to be able to help out too! Families who have a child (0-17 years of age in New Zealand) with cancer are invited to register to become a “Dream Chaser Family”.  Once registered you are eligible to be in the draw to become a recipient of the Dream Chaser Family Services. You can register online by following this online form or you can print the application form and return to the Dream Chaser Foundation following the instructions on the document Download Form

    Dream Chaser Family Services:

    • • Petrol and grocery vouchers – The Dream Chaser Foundation will draw one registered family per week who will receive a $100 petrol voucher and a $100 grocery voucher (Total value $200). This will be drawn once a week with a total of 52 draws a year. Recipients of the vouchers may be subject to a stand-down period (at the Dream Chaser Foundation’s discretion) before being placed back into the draw for future petrol and grocery vouchers, however this does not exclude that family from any other Dream Chaser family services.
    • • Birthday gifts –The Dream Chaser Foundation will provide gifts for children who are registered with the Charity while in Starship Children’s Hospital on their birthday.
    • • Christmas Grocery Vouchers –Registered families will be in the draw to receive one of ten Christmas grocery vouchers (Drawn in December, valued at $260).
    • • Monthly Giveaways – Every month, one family will be drawn to receive a “Dream Chaser Giveaway”. 
    • • Family Getaway packages – Information to come
    • • Bereavement Grants – Families who are registered with the Dream Chaser Foundation that have lost a child to cancer may apply for a $500 bereavement grant.

    • • please note: All draws will be drawn under Police supervision or by reputable Community Organisations.
    • • Please refer to the terms and conditions for further information and eligibility. 
    • • Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

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