Chace and his pal Ronald McDonald at RMH Auckland

Getting started with the Ronald McDonald House Project

Ronald McDonald House Auckland is a registered charity with the simple and important mission of keeping families together and strong. When a family faces the weight of a child’s illness the best thing they can do is face it  together so the House ensures that families are better placed to cope and help their children heal . They provide a number of wonderful support programmes for families from all over  New Zealand who have a child with a serious illness.

The Dream Chaser Foundation has selected Ronald McDonald House Auckland to be one of the main beneficiaries of the charity.   The House  is situated within close proximity to the National Children’s Hospital and provides free accommodation for families who have a child admitted to hospital. RMH accommodated over 2000 families in 2011 alone!

Through our own experience we know that having an ill child can totally throw life’s routines and structures up in the air.  To know that there is a service offering high quality accommodation helps to ease the financial and emotional strain  substantially. Sadly, the amount of families that need to be catered for increases every year, so accommodation facilities are an on-going matter. To address this issue, RMHA constructed a new building to house more families. However construction of this building needs to be completed in stages and is reliant on donations and sponsorship. The Dream Chaser Foundation saw this as a fantastic opportunity to give back to an established charity whose services we used for about 7 months straight in 2011. They are a most deserving charity and we are very proud to be part of the Grafton Mews Capital Campaign.











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